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MASTER WANG Restaurant & Food Outlets

Master Wang brought the traditional Chinese ramen to the Garden City, Singapore. Bold in exploring new ways to excite the taste buds, and inspired by many famous local dishes, Master Wang came up with new flavors loved by ramen fans.


Chew Group Singapore Real Estate Agency
(Midfield Realty Pte Ltd)

Midfield Realty Pte Ltd established in 1979 as a Real Estate Agency registered with Singapore Council of Estate Agencies. Midfield Realty Pte Ltd is involved in a wide spectrum of real estate services that includes corporate leasing services, investment sales, commercial and industrial sales, en-bloc sales, full time sales, training and seminars, local project and international projects launches.

Midfield Realty offers an extensive range of property and services in Singapore, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia and Phillipines. Midfield Realty maintained an excellent reputation through our experiences of full market cycles in a fluctuating market

Midfield Realty does not rest upon its efficiency and professionalism, instead electing to pursue clients by also dedicating their efforts towards making the real estate experience as painless and convenient for them as possible. Taking into account that Midfield Realty is an international real estate agency and thus, has clients from many different time zones, their promise to work around any client’s schedule becomes all the more impressive. This is of course, not discounting their numerous connections, built upon the back of over 25 years of experience.

Midfield Realty provide competitive commission rate for sales of property at 1% (of the Sales Price) when it comes to building goodwill with clients by ensuring that their costs are fully transparent, showing clients that they are getting their money’s worth. With our client focused approach and powerful work ethic, they are able to reach a wider audience than would be possible otherwise. 

Northpoint #B1-51

Mini Restaurant
Suntec Tower 3 #03-367

The most important thing is to define your goals

Sustaining Growth, Empowering Lives


An organisation needs to constantly grow and cultivate its pool of talent to build sustainable businesses. In Chew Group Holdings, we ensure that strong performers with high potential to excel are given the opportunities to prove themselves and be developed in leadership positions.

Sustaining growth, Empowering Lives


Sustaining Progress, Enabling Communities and Building Lives

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Guided by our operating principles and core values, we will execute our businesses in Real Estate, Property, Infrastructure and Investments profitably, safely and responsibly.

Food Outlet
Tampines Mall #04-27 (Stall 18)
Plaza Singapura #06-15 (Stall 04)
Compass One #04-11 (Stall 12)
Jcube #B1-19 (Stall 5)

Chew Group Holding Pte Ltd is at the forefront of this quickly changing economy and we work closely with our partners because we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding expectations. 


A Global Company at the forefront of our chosen industries, shaping the future for the benefit of all our stakeholders - Sustaining Growth, Empowering Lives and Nurturing Communities.

Chew Group Holdings leverages its network, resources and talents to grow its key businesses. It aims to be a global company at the forefront of its chosen industries, shaping the future for the benefit of all its stakeholders – Sustaining Growth, Empowering Lives and Nurturing Communities.

Chew Group of Companies includes Chew Group Health Supplement Production & Distribution (Healthy Food Empire), Chew Group Singapore Real Estate Agency (Midfield Realty Pte Ltd), Chew Group Australia House & Hand Development (Lucror Property) and Chew Group Investment Arms

No future is too big or too small for us, our goal is to simply help create a positive future for all of our clients. 

Chew Group Australia House & Land Development  
House and Land Development company cater to Asia investor investing into Australia Property Market. We simplifies the process of property investment in Australia for prospective clients through Asia. From land and house purchases to individual units, We advise clients on smart financial decisions.

 With over 12 years of experience under their belt, they provide a guiding hand that helps to acclimatise first-time property investors to the experience. This allows them to tap into a greater diversity of potential clients by making the process less intimidating and more easily digestible.


Chew Group Health Supplement Production & Distribution  (Healthy Food Empire)


Healthy Food Empire Is a Singapore based Health Science Company. Based on Naturopathic philosophy and science based preventive medical approach to healthy living and aging; our principal activities are to develop and promote life enhancement and life extension products and solutions that improves the quality of life for all.

Healthy Food Empire (Mission) : We focus on offering of breakthrough bio-medical product solutions in major areas of Aging Health concerns that helps in the prevention of chronic illness of modern society, extending and enhancing the quality of life.Type your paragraph here.

Healthy Food Empire seeks to improve our customers’ quality of life on a daily basis. Driven by the desire to bring a healthier living to our customers, the health product company focuses on developing new products to fulfill customer needs. Healthy Food Empire’s products are scientifically certified and rigorously tested for safety, all while keeping their customers’ well-being in mind.